Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day--a day Americans celebrate our veterans! It's also the unofficial kick-off of summer. Whether we're camping, barbecuing, having a family picnic, or just chilling out at home, Memorial Day makes us feel good!

A HUGE thank you to all our veterans!

What do you do on Memorial Day?

We're taking a Monday drive and getting ice cream. :)

Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. It's funny that it's the unofficial kick off to summer. Remembrance Day is just that. A day to remember those who have died at war and those who have served our Countries. But what do you expect when it lands on November 11th? The weather usually isn't very inspirational for much at that time of the year. Summer has long since passed. :(

  2. Himself has gone out to slay some donuts. Later, I will plant flowers and then watch war movies while working in the sun room.

  3. We usually have a family picnic, but this year we're putting in a fence in our front yard so my two year old twins can run free (or at least free in the confines of a safe place!) and I can relax a little easier while we're outside. :)

  4. Playing catch up today. It feels good to have a calm day at home doing stuff I've put off for weeks. :) Also making special effort to remember and pray for those who have lost loved ones...

    And, okay, I'll admit it...I'm also remembering all those years of marching band, all sweaty in our obnoxiously thick uniforms as we marched in the Memorial Day parade... :)

  5. I'm enjoying a day off from the norm (work) and revising my WIP. Yay! Also, taking a hike and having a BBQ and swim with family tonight. Um, and I think shopping. So I guess busier than I thought!

    And yes, I'm thankful for all of the reminders to stop and be thankful for freedom.

  6. We stayed in and enjoyed the air conditioning. We did go out for lunch. I've been reading and been on the computer.

  7. It was a quiet day for me. We watched the coverage at the Vietnam War Memorial and I got teary-eyed. I remember being there and seeing vets weep over names they recognized. We should never forget that men and women lose their lives in war.


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