Monday, October 24, 2011

A Charmed Life?

Bath & Body Works released a line of lotions and sprays called "Charmed Life." I have a mini-bottle of lotion perched in a spinning pencil holder on my desk. The scent is light with floral and vanilla accents, and the bottle itself has a cute bow and a picture of a ring on it. It makes me smile.

The slogan, "charmed life," made me pause. Does anyone really lead a charmed life? I recently watched a portion of Kim Kardashian's televised wedding special. If anyone would come to mind as having a charmed life, I would think it is her. Yet as I watched the program, it became glaringly obvious she lives anything but a charmed life.

Yes, she's financially blessed, but her personal life seems filled with disarray. Three days before the wedding, Kim and Kris held a discussion about her taking his last name, and she informed him she was keeping hers. I'm not getting into a judging match about last names here, but it struck me as something that should have been discussed long before three days prior to the nuptials.

I realize weddings are stressful, and expectations run high, but neither Kris or Kim seemed to even like each other. They shared, on-camera, their doubts, but they didn't address them together. I hope they find a way to communicate better or their marriage will be a struggle.

Also, Kim's family, Khloe in particular, airs opinions that would grate on any man's nerves. I cringed at Khloe's announcement (and I'm paraphrasing, her words were crude) that men in their family weren't allowed to make decisions.


I respect and admire my husband's opinions. Maybe he does not share my love for the perfect purse, a red can-can costume for our mini-dachshund, or a number of other things, but that doesn't mean his opinion isn't valuable. Many times he sees things in a different light than I do, and I make a better choice because of his input. We mutually respect each other, and shouldn't all married couples?

Hmm...maybe I do lead a charmed life after all?

What are your ingredients for a charmed life?

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Sometimes it just takes a glance at someone else to appreciate the charms in your life. Yesterday, I was driving home after a depressing afternoon. I ended up getting stuck in a gazillion mile back up. The back up was caused by a car that was totally engulfed in flames! That's when I realized my depressing day was a bouquet of flowers compared to that poor driver.

  2. Most reality family shows make me cringe...and I hope a lot of their arguments/pronouncements are pure television hype. Because to live like that...would make me crazy.

    I think surrounding ourselves with love helps us realize our lives are charmed in a million little ways.

  3. I've never watched the Kardashians, so I can't talk about that. But if I ever said that about the men in my family, I give you permission to shoot me. Men not only can make decisions, they should! Maybe not about wedding colors, but about the bigger things, definitely.

  4. I think, as long as you believe your life is charmed, it will be. And I also think my life is more charmed because I don't watch the Kardashians, lol.

  5. CJ: That's terrible!! You're right--our lives could be so much worse. I would not want to be in the car engulfed in flames.

    Kristi: Yes, I hope the "unscripted" reality shows aren't reality. If not, they should be called "cautionary" shows!

    Katie: I know, and I'm with you. While I'm thrilled women are getting deserved respect, I'm disgusted by the flip side--where we treat men either as helpless children or rough brutes. Men should be admired.

    Kimberly: Love that attitude! And my life is definitely more charmed because after 45 minutes of Kardashian way-of-life, I have no desire to watch more!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Jill, Like Kimberly said, I think 'charmed' is a frame of mine. We can believe and live like our lives are cursed, or start living them as we're charmed.

    I struggle every day now to try and embrace a positive attitude and thank you for reminding me it's in my control.

  7. I think I lead a charmed life too, Jill! My husband is the head our household and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Most of the time having financial wealth opens the door for a lot of other fancies- like prenups! Craziness!

  8. I don't want a charmed life, but a dedicated one.
    ~ Wendy

  9. My kids give my life charm, even when they make me want to pull my hair out. That, to me, is more than enough.

    And call me old-fashioned, but I think men should 'wear the pants' in the house. Or at least share a leg in a really big pair. :P

  10. Ugh on the Kardashians, especially Kim. Don't even get me started.

    My daughter gives my life charm, and she's a great reminder that while someone else might have "more," I have the most precious thing in the world:)

  11. My mom has always said that if I think my life is rough...look at someone who has it worse. We may not live a "charmed life" and have multiple issues, but I see so many others so much worse off. We've watched the Kardashians and I just shake my head sometimes. It's definitely true that money can't buy happiness. It's all about how you choose to live your life.

  12. I think you hit the nail right on the head money does not equal charmed. real relationships is what lends to a joyous life!

  13. AMEN!!! Money does not equal happiness. I think most of the time the simple things in life (love, family, home) are what makes life charmed.

  14. I definitely lead a blessed life. Wouldn't change a thing! :)

  15. Connie: Yes. Charmed is a frame of mind--I need to remember that! :)

    Tamika: Oh, I agree. Certain environments are conducive for Christian living, and I think Hollywood tops the list!

    Wendy: What a lovely thought. I'd say you're succeeding!

    Ayda: Ha! Love it--an extra-wide pant leg! :)

    Stacy: Definitely. Our families are all the charm we need!

    Chelle: Your mama is a smart woman! Charmed life has a lot to do with integrity. :)

    J.A.: It's easy to take them for granted. I agree--our relationships give us so much!

    Natalie: Yes! I love just hanging out with my family and doing goofy traditions. They give my life meaning. :)

    Jaime: Good for you!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. I absolutely think I live a charmed life. We aren't rich and yes, my husband and I argue, my kids aren't perfect, but everything in my life brings me joy. Even the hardships because with them, I appreciate the blessings all the more.

    I've never understood why people want to have their lives videographed for a television show. I mean, really, you want people to see you like that? It's crazy, but I guess if you have the ego to support the reality show, then have fun.

    I'd be a quivering mass of goo if a television crew followed me around.

    Love, love, love that you bought a can can outfit for your dog! I do that too and my husband just rolls his eyes at me. I think my sweet dog loves it, though.

  17. Gotta love those Kardashians, lol!

    I lead a blessed life. While I may not have the resources of a reality tv star, God has provided for me during rough years and has given me gifts that money cannot buy. Such as my wonderful husband. I could not ask for a better, more supportive husband. And God has given me the love of writing and a zest for life that I would never have discovered on my own.

  18. Oh, I really don't know the answer to that one. Maybe it's that if a person sees the positive, he/she is charmed. Everyone has trials and blessings. I want to be able to see the positive more clearly, even if it comes in the form of my husband's opinion.

  19. Grace, love, forgiveness. Great post, Jill!

  20. To let go of the little things before they become big things! And all of the above. :)

  21. So many things---having friends and family to love and be loved comes first. It would be nice to not worry about money but I doubt that ever happens to anyone. Just lots of love and happiness!

  22. I think a charmed life, as with anything, is about perception.

    For me, now? A charmed life is living honestly. Being open and loving, and doing what brings peace.

    Hugs, Jill!

  23. I don't think a charmed life is possible, but charmed moments that we recognize and appreciate are. Hoping I do it but I'm sure I need to do it more often. :O)

  24. I've never bought into these "reality" shows that are just TV shows, not reality at all. I've worked on a film set and have seen how the actors who are improvising lines do so within pre-arranged scenes, and are fully aware of the cameras and film crew, and the implied audience.

    The Kardashians may have a lot of money but I wouldn't want to change places with any of them. When I think of 'charmed', all I can really think of is its dictionary meaning of enamored or lucky. I guess I can say I'm enamored, in love, with the life that God has given me, but I'm not comfortable with the word 'lucky'.

  25. Hmm, ingredients for a charmed life . . . I don't know if there is such a thing. Life happens and it's how we deal with situations that arise that make us who we are.


    Some people may not have as many trails as others, but it's how they meet those challenges that counts. Don't know if being charmed has anything to do with it. It's how we choose to react that does. Some people are better at that then others. Does money have anything to do with a charmed life? I don't think so. For me it's more about what kind of person you are inside. Is a person charming? Who knows. Boy, you've given me a lot to think about.

  26. I think everyone has problems, but some are worse than others, and some people (like myself) have had more than their fair share of bad things happen (no, not all my fault). Yes, I think it's how you cope/handle/deal with it, but "charmed", no, not in the dictionary definition of the word (unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic.) As far as money goes, if you've ever had to do without it, live poorly or lowly, lost jobs, lots of loss in many different areas of life, believe me, if you don't have it, it makes your life a LOT harder and more difficult to navigate. I find that people are (mostly, unfortunately) judgemental, which you have to learn how to detach from so that you don't end up feeling bad about yourself because you don't "have a charmed life". It seems to me (and I'm almost 60 years old with a LOT of life experience and consider myself a spiritual person), that some people just have more bad things happen to them than others and there's apparently no concrete explanation behind that (and I've studied it a LOT, especially since I lost my 20 year old son in a tragic, fatal, car accident). In additon, it does no good to ask "why", because you will NOT get the answer, it apparently just doesn't "work" that way. So yes, it's about how you handle yourself, life, situations, circumstances, and everyone is different. Also to fight that you don't lose yourself in the process (be honest). So, no, I do not believe I've had a charmed life at all, but I have known people who seem to have, although those people also had hard times, but still, at the end, they "got what they wanted" and things seemed to be OK and work out for them (have jobs, money, vacations, family, friends, pursuits of dreams that actually work out, etc.). I can still pursue my own journey, but I still do not think of myself as having a charmed life. I think I've made the best of it and that it's about the "moments" that you acknowledge, appreciate, and savor, that are the charmed parts (i.e., my grandchildren give me joy). It helps to have something to look forward to and that has been ripped from me repeatedly thoughout life, but I still try to pick myself up and keep going anyway (is that charmed?) I still say no. I'm glad when others get everything they want, have everything, do everything, and everything works out for them the way they want, wish, plan, hope, dream, but that has not been the case for me. No, I'm being pathetic or seeking anything from anyone, I have learned that I just stick to the facts and reality and tell the truth. I still don't know WHY some have it better than others, but that's always been the case throughout the history of mankind from what I've learned. It's certainly not for lack of trying on my part, although the older I get, the less I want to beat the path trying to find the charmed life. Nowadays it's more like navigating to "survive", because it's not to be taken forgranted that you have to have certain things in place BEFORE you could even think of "having a charmed life", no matter how much people say differently.


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