Monday, April 11, 2011

What Would You Do With...?

What would you do with an extra hour today?

Would you curl up with a tantalizing book?
Watch the television show you always miss because you're trying to put your kids to bed?
Lace up your running shoes and fit a long-neglected workout into your day?
Jump in bed for an extra hour of sleep?
Call a friend?
Read the Bible and pray?
Take a long, hot bubble bath?
Plan a romantic hour with your loved one?
Squeeze in a couple errands?
Play catch with your dog?
Listen to a favorite CD?
Daydream about a vacation?
Catch up on Twitter or Facebook?
Write another scene?
Sketch a picture?
Knit a few rows?

Just curious. If I had an extra hour today, I would throw in a John Coltrane CD and finish the Susan May Warren book I've been reading for over a week.

But you know, if I chop five minutes off my usual tasks, I might be able to find that elusive extra hour. Hmm...

Susan May Warren here I come!

What would YOU do with an extra hour?

Happy Monday!


  1. I have a list of stuff to do to get ready for my company so I know I would fill it!!

  2. Totally depends on where that hour fell during the day. But I'd probably use it to stay up an extra hour at night.

  3. Most likely, I would write. I can't seem to get enough time to do it.
    I would love an extra hour.

  4. An extra hour? I'd like to say I'd work in the studio, but the reality would be I'd probably feel guilty so I'd clean.

  5. My intention would be to write in that extra hour but I may instead take a walk with my camera in hand.

  6. Love this question! I'm having a party for friends and cleaning like crazy right now. But what I'd love to do is...Read and/or write! Ahhhhh.
    ~ Wendy

  7. Wow. This post really caused me to think... Every 'thing' I thought of to do during that extra hour is something I could make time for. So--I'm making time for all those 'things' today. No excuses! Thanks, Jill. :)

  8. I'd swing by my favorite bookstore, grab a cup of coffee, and work on rewriting a scene while watching people browse books. I love to see what others are reading. Or maybe a pedi because it's barefoot season again!

  9. Good morning!

    Terri: I love getting ready for long-anticipated company! Enjoy!!

    Laura: Same here. I never want the day to end, and then I'm tired the next morning. :(

    Christine: Oh, me too. Especially on Mondays. I cram a million chores in on Mondays!

    CJ: No guilt and no cleaning. :) The studio sounds WAY better!

    Lynn: I would love to join you! I drove past a different breed of duck this morning--going to research the breed later--and would love to capture a pic of it.

    Wendy: Party! Party! I'm going to pretend we live close so I can come too. :)

    C.E. Hart: I know! Too often I fill up an extra five minutes with mindless stuff, when I could be using it on something enjoyable. ;)

    Jessica P: Oh, me too! Our library has been closed for 9 months, and yesterday it reopened. It's so gorgeous! I want to spend the entire day there watching everyone.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. If I had an extra hour, I'd be tempted to spend it sleeping. Lately I've been cutting back on my sleep in an effort to get more done each day, and a nice nap would be welcome.

  11. I would also read! Reading is often what has to be fit into the "extra" hours.

  12. Ohhh, tough question! I like all those on your list. Right now, sleep would probably win out. Can't seem to get enough of it these days. :) Hope you have a great week, Jill!

  13. Read. :)

    I'm reading a couple of library books that need to go back soon, so I would work on those.

    Then go to the library and get some new ones. :)

  14. I would write. There just never seems to be enough time for writing lately.

  15. Today, I would curl up in bed and sleep.

  16. Brilliant perspective Jill. I'd pop in an album and get some meditation in myself. A chance to clear the head.

  17. Excellent question! I'd probably either read or play with the kidlets. :)

  18. Keli: I'm tired too. A nap is a good thing. :)

    Rosslyn: Same here. I miss the days I could pick up a book and read it from start to finish.

    Sarah F: Yeah, I think the shifting of the seasons makes me more tired too. Hope you get a nap! (Yeah, right!)

    Erica: Our library re-opened yesterday after a huge expansion/renovation. I want to spend all day there! It's gorgeous!!

    Loree: If I could give you an hour to write, I would! Why is the time always so short? :)

    Katie: I have a puffy down comforter with your name all over it!

    P.W.: It does sound like heaven, doesn't it? Maybe later... ;)

    Danyelle: Oh, you're awesome! Playing with the kidlets--cute!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. this hour child and husband free?? I would most likely use it to write or work on promotion!

  20. I'd be torn between a bubble bath and Water for Elephants OR writing time.

  21. Being "slightly" indecisive, I'd probably spend a good portion of that hour debating whether to read, write, relax with my ipod, or work out.

  22. Write or read. Or clean. Or sleep. Or...or...or.... Don't give me an extra hour b/c I'd spend it figuring out what to do for an hour! I'm so indecisive! lol...

  23. Stephanie: This extra hour is just for you--no kids or hubbies!!

    Sarah T: I want to watch Water for Elephants! The commercials look good and I really like Reese Witherspoon!

    Brandi: Sometimes we need an hour just to process--that's okay!

    Ralene: Ha! It's kind of like having to choose between ice cream, cake, or brownies--impossible!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  24. Definitely curl up with a good book in bed with that extra hour!

  25. Today, I'd write!

    May your reading be inspiring, Jill!

  26. Karen: Perfect combo--bed and book!

    Eileen: Nice! Sounds like you found that extra hour!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  27. I would probably read or sleep. When I'm busy, those things sure sound good.

  28. Oh gosh. This is hard! I think I would choose to sit outside and hang out with my husband and daughter with no worries of having to be anywhere or do anything. Ahh...that sounds like bliss!

  29. If it was summer, I'd be at the beach! Now, it would probably be a massage if I could afford them more regularly! :O)

  30. Jill:
    It would depend on when the hour came, how I was feeling, and if it was an hour for me and me alone.
    If I received an extra hour in the late night or early morning, I'd probably sleep.
    If I was feeling great, I'd tackle some housetending task I had to put off.
    If that hour was for me, I'd read my Bible more, read a good book or watch a chick-flick or a mystery.

  31. Great question! I would put in some time with my WIP.


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