Monday, April 4, 2011

Tired of Hot/Cold Publishing News?

I've been immersed in all of the publishing industry news lately. I guess that's why they say money talks. I see sensational headlines, and I have to read them!

But, as with any publishing news I've read over the last five years, I get to a point where I shrug and turn away. My manuscript calls me, as it does every day. I read, revise, read it again, send the new opening to my critique partners (you ladies rock!), revise it more, and print it off for a final read-through.

You see, publishing news, while fascinating, has little impact on my life right now. I'm not planning on self-publishing, so I don't need to research Smashwords and Amazon, or find the best artist for my cover or hire a freelance editor to edit my book. But I don't have a contract with a traditional publisher either.

This leaves me exactly where I stood before the hoopla over self-publishing verses tradional publishing erupted. An aspiring writer convinced my books will reach a wide audience one day.

And I like where I'm standing.

So I'll strain my eyes, chew on the words of that pesky sentence, spend countless hours thinking about my story, until I finish the book and move on to my next project.

I'm a writer. What can I say?

It's important to stay current with publishing trends, but it's also vital not to stress too much about it.

Sometimes being an aspiring author can be lovely. I'm enjoying today, grinning at the sheer joy of loving my manuscript, and thankful to swim and dive in my passion.

Do you have days where you just don't care about publishing in general? Where all that matters is your book? Try it! It's delightful!

Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Hahaha, yes, it is delightful. For the most part, publishing news intrigues me but doesn't stress me. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. I'm neither. It is fascinating and will continue to be to watch the publishing revolution and how long it actually takes, but it never becomes all consuming for me.

  3. I try to ignore it. I know it is struggling like everything else but there is nothing I can do for it:)

  4. You are so right, being immersed in writing a MS and forgetting ebook news and a single self-publishing success and all that jazz can be truly lovely.

    ~ Wendy

  5. Jessica: Great attitude! I like things predictable, so the new developments sometimes do stress me--but they also excite me! :)

    Laura: I agree--it is fascinating. All consuming, though? Me neither!

    Terri: I feel the same. I have no control over it.

    Wendy: Just getting lost in a wip and forgetting everything can be such a blessing!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I do get a little worried about the transition to ebooks, but I just hope picture books still continue. Little ones don't need a kindle! :)
    I've just started querying a few agents so I just hope the news in publishing doesn't scare any off in acquiring new clients!

  7. I'm not hooked on the publishing trends at all. I can only write what resonates with me, and to do that I need to spend my time writing, not obsessing with where the trends are at.

    I'm with you, Jill, put the effort into creating great fiction!

  8. I get antsy sometimes about the publihing industry, but I don't let it stop me from working on my series. Writing is what I've always wanted to do. As long as people like to read, there will always be a need for authors to deliver their stories.

  9. Good post, Jill.

    I do read the latest publishing dramas going on. I just don't let it guide my writing day or week.

    Sometimes I do tune it out.

    My writing is the one constant, it's always there for me.

  10. Wise words, Jill. I can get all twisted up in knots over industry news...what to do, what not to do, latest trends, yesterday's has-beens. It can be distracting and overwhelming. Better to stay focused on what you CAN control. Your wip, your dialogue, your character's goals and conflicts, your sentence structure.

  11. I do get weary of the Chicken-Little/Blue Sky pendulum of publishing.

    I just want to write stories.

    I'm glad that ultimately, it's all in the Hands of One who is much better than I am at sorting out what should and shouldn't happen in the future.

  12. Jill, I'm with you! I can't keep up with all the back and forth of it all. My head swims and I get frustrated if I try to understand every single snippet of news. I'm also enjoying where I am. Right now.

  13. Concentrating on the task of the moment, doing what you love, and being true to what is important for you is a peaceful and productive way to live. Way to go!

  14. I think you have the right idea. If you stay focused on your story, you will get published sooner or later.

  15. There's nothing like being immersed in a manuscript. It's what kept me sane while waiting seven months on pub board! It's what keeps me sane now, as I hear all the hoopla about publishing. I say, write and just go with it. :)

  16. I'm supposed to stay up on publishing trends? Says who? j/k! I tend to "lightly" follow the publishing news. Enough to be informed, but definitely no obsessing.

  17. When I'm in the midst of writing my book, I will give a cursory glance to publishing news, but it doesn't affect me much. All that matters is the story. It's a much nicer place to be!

  18. I'm with Jessica on this one - it doesn't stress me , more intrigues. But then, I usually covet my time to write so don't have as much time to research publishing ...

  19. Kelly: I can't even imagine a world without picture books! It won't happen. I've made that decision. :)

    Eileen: Good! Sometimes a break from current news can be a good thing!

    Brandi: I agree. That's exactly how I feel!

    Loree: I'm in a tuning-out phase too!

    Patrice: Distracting and overwhelming--exactly!

    Erica: Weary is a good word to describe it. And great attitude!

    Julie: Me too!

    Lynn: Worrying about intangibles does not promote peace or prosperity--thanks for the reminder!

    Nancy: That's all we can do. Focus on the story. :)

    Katie: Same here. I find a lot of comfort in my daily writing tasks.

    Ralene: That's the best method of keeping up with news!

    Melissa: It IS a much nicer place to be!

    Jaime: Yeah, I catch snippets from blog posts and Twitter!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  20. This is great, Jill. I think it's important to stay informed and relevant, but to remember we can distance ourselves the little bit it takes to stay focused on our personal career. What affects it will affect it, whether we know it or not.

  21. Great post. Let's face it, if you write something wonderful, it WILL be published somehow/sometime/somewhere. Why worry about all the specifics of the industry before we worry about becoming great writers?

  22. Hi Jill -

    You make a lot of sense! For awhile, I was stressing over publishing news. Now, I'm focusing on the next step in my journey, and trust the Lord to open the right doors in His timing.

    Susan :)

  23. Jill, I LOVE your point of view. I think standing in the thick of it and evaluating where you should be is the wisest choice for all of us.

  24. I ignore it all. My mind is consumed with creating. If I stop for a minute to consider the possibility of fame and fortune, or failure and falling I will crumble.

    I keep my eye on the prize:)

  25. Janna: Very nicely put! It's kind of like the stock market--stay in touch with what's happening but not to the point we're switching stocks every day! We need to think long term. :)

    Maggie: I agree. Quality still is the ultimate reason we get published. :)

    Susan JR: Same here. It's hard enough trying to make sense of such an up and down industry--the current headlines don't help!

    Tana: Me too! I try not to let the hoopla affect why I write--because it's just rewarding!

    Tamika: I envy that! I wish I could say my mind was only focused on creating, but I'd be lying. I struggle to balance creating with social networking and learning about the publishing industry. Maybe someday I'll tune the brain? :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  26. So true! Some days I just want to write my book and not worry about all those publishing trends!

  27. Yes, yes, yes! And you expressed it perfectly! :-)

  28. Maria Mc: Me too. It's a welcome break from all the hoopla!

    Shannon: Thanks so much! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  29. I try to remind myself that getting a good book written needs to come first. Without that, nothing else will affect me anyway. So, I'm pretty chill about the whole thing. Sort of like the Scripture that says "Today's worries are enough for today." I'll concern myself with that end of it when I have at least one good story in my pocket. Thanks, Jill. Glad to hear you're enjoying the spot you're in right now (even with all of those great stories you've turned out)!!

    I love to be reminded of what I believe to be true. It's so easy to pick up the stress of others and make it your own. Sometimes we get mixed up and need someone to point the way back to joyful living. Thanks for doing that this morning, Jill!


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