Monday, December 7, 2009

The Warm Fuzzies

Our one-minute vacation today wraps us up in softness and warmth. It's December after all. Even if you live in warm climates, the season prods you to wrap up in the softest blanket you own. I do not live in warm climates, so warm, fuzzy things are essential.

Look at this little bunny. I want to pick it up and squish it in a big hug, or at the very least, stroke its plush fur. The delicate snowflakes resting on its fur add to the serenity of the photo. I think my heart rate has actually slowed down just looking at this adorable guy!

What else do I need today to bring the warm fuzzies? This picture invites me in and makes me want to stay and relax. Let's see, snow-covered pine, fluffy comforter, and a journal with a pen? Have I died and gone to Heaven? I think I might have.

And what do we have here? A lovely, festive fireplace with candles, nutcrackers, and shelves lined with books. Our home doesn't feature a fireplace, but many area coffee shops have added them. When I need to curl up in a chair next to a warm fire, I head out.

What comforts you on cold days? Where would you spend a cozy afternoon?

Thanks for sharing this mini-vacation with me!


  1. It is cold here, Jill. And me being a Florida native, South Florida, the Keys to be exact, I don't take kindly to this weather. Brrrrr

    I love the bunny. But I really love the bed. :) :) And the fireplace.

    So I need a fire right about now. That one in the picture will do just fine.

    At the coffee shop where Beth and I meet to write and critique, there is a fireplace. Only one problem.

    I have to leave the warm cozy home to get there. :)

    These have been wonderful posts, my friend. Thank you for my mini vacations. I feel invigorated. Ready to face the world. :)

  2. My Young One and I like to curl up on the sofa with a favorite blankie and watch movies together. A cup of cocoa or chai tea and we're in heaven.

  3. Hot chocolate in a cool mug. Snow falling outside. Fire crackling. Christmas music drifting through the air. My children laughing. My dog sprawled out. My husband.

    Just looking at this post made me warm.
    ~ Wendy

  4. What are you people talking about? Throw on those down coats, brightly-colored scarves, hats, and mittens and GO PLAY!

    THEN you come inside, cuddle up under a plush blanket with hot chocolate and snuggle next to the fire with your favorite book. :)

  5. Park me in a comfortable chair in front of that fireplace, and I'd be very happy :)

  6. I love to spend time in a room full of books, curled up in a comfortable chair by a fire place, reading.

    Other things that give me the warm fuzzies -- playing with the cats and getting royalty checks! ;)

  7. Fire places for sure! Love that bunny in the snow, though, too. And that lovely duvet would be great to cozy up under with journal in hand. Too bad I have house work galore to do.

  8. That bunny is adorable!!!

    I like to cuddle with my poodle on cold days. Actually, any day. But on cold days it's fun to take a nap together!

  9. If I could, I would spend all day cuddled up in bed. Ahhhhh that would be the life!

  10. LOVE the fireplace, and a nice chai tea from Starbucks!

  11. Hot cider, or coffee, and a great book. Curled under a blanket where I can see the snow falling outside, but don't have the chill of it. Ahhhh.....

  12. Thanks for the lovely vacations Jill! It's actually cold in Texas right now, which is unusual for this time of year.

    I love the lots of blankets, a warm mug of hazelnut latte, and my laptop. A great day to birth a masterpiece!

  13. My bed with its down pillows and down duvet, the gorgeous wintry view out the window, the fire crackling away in the fireplace, a mug of hot tea, and my book. Hmm, perhaps I will give myself such a day. Blessings on your week ahead!

  14. Good Morning!

    It's snowing here. And Monday. I'm VERY tempted to wrap up in a blanket!

    Robyn: The Florida Keys are magical. How are you surviving without them??

    CJ: There's nothing like a cuddly kiddo to warm up a cold day!

    Wendy: Your house sounds nice. I love the "dog sprawled out." How cute!

    Ralene: You've got the right idea! In fact, I bought a new sled today. We're ready!

    Joanne: Me too!

    Devon: A warm room full of books AND royalty checks? Oh yeah!!

    Eileen: The laundry is staring me down right now. You're not alone.

    Kristen T: Pets are so cuddly! They add warmth to any day.

    Marybeth: I feel the exact same way!

    Beth: Sounds fabulous--can I come? :)

    Georgiana: I agree; it's better to watch the snow from the inside!

    Tamika: Stay warm, and I hope you're feeling better.

    Angie: I'm obsessed with down anything. Luxurious!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. I'm definitely going for the fireplace today. I'd love to sit here all afternoon with something warm to drink, a fire going and my manuscript in my lap (well, in my laptop on my lap :D). That's a good word for today: cozy.

  16. We are taking care of a friend's dog for two weeks. A big furry, and very loving dog. Perfect timing for two of the darkest weeks of the year.

    And, in the winter I do part of my writing day in a glider rocker next to the woodstove.

  17. I love sitting by the fireplace. I like watching the flames.

  18. A hot chocolate, a good book, and a warm sweater. :)


  19. A hot cup of tea, a SNUGGIE (lol!) and a good book. :)

  20. That comforter looks absolutley heavenly! How about if I take that blanket, in front of the fireplace, WITH the bunny curled up on my feet. Now give me a good book and a cup of hot cider, and Ahhh. . .bliss!

  21. Cindy: Oh, it sounds so comfy!

    Paul: Aren't dogs great? I hope you get a few hours of sunlight for writing today!

    Susan: Mesmerizing, aren't they?

    Erica: Warm sweater--check. Hot cocoa? On my way!

    Jennifer: I just laughed so loud, my cat got scared! Snuggle-icious!

    Jody: Me too! I wish I could coax a bunny to warm my feet. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. Yep, it's cold and snowy here today, Jill, and all this is perfect. You're so good at this vacation-planning thing!

    It took me a good two minutes to find that bunny's face! I thought he was all scrunched up cozy immediately beneath those ears, before I realized his nose was just up from the ground. Sheesh.

  23. Curling up on the couch with a huge blanket and a skinny vanilla latte with a good book is my most favorite place to be when it's freezing outside. Those pictures make me happy that I live somewhere cold. Well..kind of happy.

  24. I'm home, curled up with a snuggly blanket and perhaps a snuggly child and a good book.

  25. That comforter in front of the fire with a cup of Chai tea right after a warm bath. Oh, and a good book or movie. Okay, I'm all warmed up. Thanks for all the mini vacations.

  26. I love the picture of the bunny. Now I want to grab my blanket and move my laptop to the living room by the fireplace.

  27. Oooo, definitely a fireplace (which I don't have) A fuzzy blanket on a rainy day, with a lit candle and a book in hand! Aahhhh...

  28. Hi Jill -

    A sweat shirt, crocheted afghan, a giant sized mug of Tazo Calm tea, and a good book work for me.

    Susan :)

  29. Now, if I had the fire going while lying in that beautifully inviting bed with the soft bunny next to me to pet, that would be perfect! :O)

  30. Funny how those pictures can elicit instant warmth! Wow. On a cold night, I like to wear comfy sweats and cuddle with my three boys (hubby, son, and dog)

  31. I love curling up in a blanket on cold days. :-)

  32. I'm packing my mittons and warm winter coat as I speak!
    brr on that snow!

  33. Janna: Do I dare ask if it was a snow day? :)

    Lisa and Laura: I hear you on the "kind of." There are things I love about winter--sledding, a peaceful walk in snow, the warm coziness inside--but then winter hangs on way too long!

    Natalie: Snuggly kids are the best warmers!

    Heather: To sit and watch a movie right now would be such an indulgent treat! (I still have to get my word goals in.)

    Amy: I do too. Let's do it!

    Sherrinda: I'm a huge fan of candles--and tarts! Oh, I love those melty tarts!

    Susan J. R.: That Tazo tea is delicious. I like Refresh, too!

    Diane: I agree. It would be the trifecta of coziness!

    Katie: Awww...sounds wonderful!

    Jessica: Me too!

    Terri: I'm assuming you're traveling north? Good luck!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  34. As a child, I always enjoyed Christmas Eve more than any other day of the year. That was the night all of the excitement of Christmas lay ahead of me and I just was able to sit down with family in front of the tree, drink egg nog, and watch Christmas movies. I still feel that way today...and that's what that fireplace reminds me of.

  35. A warm spot to sit covered with my blanket, the glow of a lamp and a great book, or the Christmas lights and just a cup of licorice tea. Ahhhh.

  36. Steph: I love your new profile pic! Too cute! And Christmas Eve is magical, isn't it? :)

    Nancy: Licorice tea? I haven't tried it, but it sounds good!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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