Friday, November 14, 2014

My Ideal Holiday Schedule

Holiday schedules? Already?

Yes! Thanksgiving (for my American friends) is less than two weeks away. And Christmas? Rolls around about four weeks later.

Did this cause panic to rise within you? It did me!

I started thinking about the upcoming festive season, and instead of excitement, I felt a bit of dread. Who wants to dread the holidays? NOT ME!! I realized if I had a solid plan, I'd anticipate everything more.

First, I needed firm dates for all the parties. After talking to both sets of parents, I had a better idea of when we could celebrate Christmas with them all.

My husband and I then had our annual argument--oops! I mean discussion-- about where and when we were celebrating all of these Christmas parties. This year was pretty easy, and knowing the parties were on the schedule took a lot of stress off my shoulders.

I moved on to Thanksgiving and planned the dishes I was making, even purchasing several ingredients on sale while grocery shopping last week. I jotted down a shopping list for the rest.

Once Thanksgiving is over, I plan on putting up our Christmas decorations and making a list of everyone we buy presents for to brainstorm possible presents. This will be done before December 1. After that, I systematically tackle gift shopping, sending cards, and planning food for all the parties.

I don't like shopping, so if my husband and I can buy every gift before December 14, I'll be thrilled!

One thing I refuse to do is focus so much on the preparations that I miss the things I absolutely adore about December. Our zoo has an amazing Christmas light show open every night. I'm hitting that! There are several original Hallmark Christmas movies I'm dying to see. I want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the bookstore and browse all the fabulous books. My preschool class will be dressing up for our Sunday School church service, and I'm bursting to see them sing.

So my ideal schedule involves pre-planning, buying gifts ahead of time, and enjoying the things that make the season wonderful.

What does your ideal holiday schedule look like? Take half an hour to brainstorm it and you might be surprised what you learn!

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Have a fantastic day!!


  1. Yes! To all the above. I want it all purchased by mid-December and I want to enjoy, not stress. This is my favorite time of the year:)

    1. I hope you get all the tough stuff out of the way by mid-December! It's so much easier to enjoy when the gifts are purchased!

  2. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! Since it will just be the immediate family for Thanksgiving this year (5 of us), it's not such a big operation. Always get nervous about messing up the turkey, though!

    I started feeling a lot more in control of the Christmas holiday preparations when I started brainstorming what cookies/bars/fudge and craft items I'm making and gifting this year. I've already finished a scarf! And hubs and I have made dates for shopping for the kids, us all picking out the tree and decorating it, and when my parents are coming. Looking forward to driving around the neighborhood to see the lights, listening to Christmas music on the radio - although we're already hearing some, since our youngest is practicing his cello music for the winter concert - and just spending time together as a family. Enjoy your holidays, Jill!

    1. See? You and I are so much alike, Kathy! I can feel your excitement! I would love to hear your youngest play the cello. I'm sure it's beautiful. I think it's really cool you're making some gifts, too. :)

  3. Jill,
    Thanks for sharing this post. Many times the holidays can be overwhelming. When we break them down into bite-sized pieces, it make it doable.

    1. Deborah, I agree!! When I look at the big picture, I get all anxious! But with a plan, I'm happy. :) Have a wonderful weekend!!


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