Friday, August 15, 2014

School Starts Next Week

This summer felt like a bust. We didn't go on our annual camping trip. The weather has been lukewarm all month. Sports' practices have prevented us from sleeping in for six weeks, maybe longer. What's summer without going to a pool and getting extra sleep?

All this adds up to me desperately clinging to the last bits of summer. I don't want it to slip from my grasp! When I do? Fall will be here (and I do love fall), then cold weather, Christmas, and a long, long winter. I'll miss our days full of sunshine and flip-flops.

Anyway, the impending school year means shopping, registration, pictures, meetings, worries about classes, and more shopping. If you have younger children at home, it also means sibling fights of epic proportions and a general desire to ship the kids to boarding school for the year.

I always, always sigh a huge sigh of relief the first day when I have those glorious silent hours back. And much as I dread leaving lovely summer behind, I'm ready to get back to my schedule. Call me selfish, ambitious, dedicated--whatever!--but I miss being alone to work on my writing.

In the meantime, we'll visit the ice cream joint, fit a few fun things in the afternoons, and relax. Summer isn't over yet!

Are you ready for a change in seasons?

Have a terrific weekend!!


  1. I am definitely ready for a change in season...partially because fall is my absolute favorite and partially because, I don't know, summer gets to me after awhile. I think it's because I don't get a break like I used to in school. This summer was busier than ever. But fall...fall relaxes me. No matter how busy it is, there is something so refreshing to me about fall. Plus, it's gorgeous in Iowa in the fall. Thus, I can't wait. :)

    1. I love fall too. There's something inspiring and energizing about the beautiful autumn colors, the crispness in the air, and the chance to bring out cozy sweaters!

  2. Oh, gosh, totally understand. I always feel as if we haven't fit in enough fun at the end of the summer. Maybe it's a universal mom sentiment. :) The small things are what they remember the most, though (at least with my kids)--playing cards, catching lightning bugs, etc. And I'm with you--so glad to have my quiet writing time during the day back.

  3. Change of season... hmm, well to be honest... I am not ready yet! I want summer to stay a little longer :)

  4. I am never ready to give up Summer. I'll be dragged kicking and screaming into Fall


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