Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inspired by Life

This morning I bit into a huge, ripe blackberry. Mmm. So good! The color made me pause, though. Is it black? Purple? Wine-red? A medley of all three?


Whatever the color, I enjoyed its beauty in appearance and its taste.

My houseplant sits smugly front and center in a corner window. The sunlit leaves glow a light, celery green, while the other side broods in darker shades. Romaine, perhaps? All the same plant, but the colors morph in the light.

I love the way they take a completely different tone, much like when a song plays on the radio--it changes the mood.

Colors inspire me. Music inspires me. And I'll admit to another thing I could sit around and watch for hours (why? I don't know! I'm weird!).


I love them! Their itty-bitty feathers--so soft--arrayed against their bodies. Their speed. Their caution. Boy, they can flit and fly. Wish my reflexes were that swift. They jockey for seed at feeders, zoom off at the first hint of danger, and before you know it, they're back. Picking away at the seed. Social, wary, tough, and fun to watch.

What's inspiring you lately?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. You're a bird watcher? I would never have guessed! Sunlight inspires me. Definitely this time of year. And music. Music never fails to set a mood and there's not much I don't like in terms of genre. As long as they aren't screaming at me, I pretty much like the song.

  2. Sunlight--yes!! I miss being outside, feeling the warmth on my face. Yes, I love birds. We have parks nearby with bird feeders, so I can get my bird fix all year round. Love it! I like most genres of music too. :)

  3. I love birds.

    Many years ago I was teaching a class in reinforced concrete design at Texas Tech, and there was a sudden flash outside the window (which was at the back of the classroom).

    I dropped my notes, pointed, and yelled, "Ooh, look, a cardinal!"

    Never lived that one down. Didn't want to.

    1. Too funny! Cardinals are worth dropping notes for, though!

  4. I love reading what inspires you, Friend. We share so many! For me, it's the simple things, too. Mainly--God's incredible, jaw-dropping creation. Sunlight through icicles. Snow on fir trees. Red cardinals against winter's gray/white canvas. Ahhhh...yes. Creation.

    1. I miss you, Donna! If we lived close by, we could take walks in a beautiful forest and chat. :)


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