Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Kitchen with Jill Kemerer: Webisode 1

Ah, vlogging... I resisted for a while because I didn't have the equipment. Then I said no due to my scary see-through skin and not-fabulous hair. Yes, I am vain. But after testing the waters with "The Art of Not Writing," I realize I'm a total attention hog.

This did not shock me. I spent hours of my childhood doing anything to make my family and friends laugh. Maybe not my most enduring quality, but it's a part of me, nonetheless. :)

With that in mind, I've decided to embrace my frightening almost-end-of-winter appearance and my love of the limelight by launching a video series. On the first Friday of every month, you can tune in here or on YouTube for another episode of "... with Jill Kemerer."

As you will quickly see, no learning will be done by watching this series. This is more for those days when you are nurturing a third cup of coffee and don't really feel like writing a report, editing a chapter, correcting papers, vacuuming the house, or whatever it is you shouldn't have to do on a Friday.

It's a distraction. A roughly five minute distraction. :)

Welcome to Webisode 1: In the Kitchen with Jill Kemerer!

What unusual item do you have in your kitchen? Do you love your kitchen? Why or why not?

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. LOL You don't know what Chicory is? You must come down south! I'll put a pot on.

    My dishwasher burns all my plastic too. The smell is like is death, or like burning plastic.

    Too funny, Jill!

  2. I couldn't watch the whole thing but what I saw cracked me up! Great job. :)

  3. Ranch and chocolate syrup are the only condiments my kid uses. With the exception of buckets ketchup for his french fries, of course.

    I loved your vlog! Can't wait for next month... :)

  4. Mmmm. I love Hershey Syrup...and coffee...and homemade cookies :)

  5. Okay, here it comes...gauze, purple paint, and dead sea monkeys.

    I can live without all three, but they're in my kitchen and I really have no idea why.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Good morning!

    Jessica: Oh good! I'm glad chicory really IS something. For a minute I thought I might have made that one up! Ha!

    Laura: Aw, thanks! Hope you have a great day!

    Ayda: I know, right? What do you need besides Ranch and Hersheys?? :)

    Julie: You would love my kitchen then, because I always have all three! :)

    Wendy: I just threw out our dead sea monkeys! Can you believe ours made it alive an entire year? I think it may have been a world record. So what's up with the guaze? I want to know!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. great job, Jill! You're too funny!!!

  8. My dishwasher has melted things, too! LOL. I always kind of worry I'm going to accidentally set the house on fire with the stuff that falls to the bottom of the DW...

  9. Hershey's syrup is a MUST. Although my daughter's favorite condiment is Ketchup. At 2 yr old she even insists on dipping her chicken in it. :) LOL Great vlog, Jill!

  10. Ranch IS a miracle!! :) In my kitchen that I love: my countertop convection/toaster oven, a jar of Anna Mae's Smokey Mustard (delish and my favorite condiment) and my canisters that are written in French. Yes, I'm cultural like that. :) Oh, and I have plenty of deformed plastic silverware. My oldest son points it out all the time. "Hey Mom, there's the spoon you burned on the stove."

  11. Ranch dressing as a miracle. Love it!

    I have an inordinate amount of condiments. I'm in love with barbeque sauce, so no joking, I probably have six bottles of various kinds of bbq in my fridge. I'm also really taken in by new salad dressings. I think my fridge may be the only area of my life in which I'm a hoarder.

    Such a cute vlog. Love it!

  12. Very fun to see you on the vlog! Loved it!

    I recently discovered a ranch/yogurt dressing in my produce department. It's in the cooler. Awesome stuff and less fat!

    I love my kitchen. It's the heart of the house. I collect antique copper jello molds. The collection is hung throughout the kitchen. It's pretty awesome.

  13. Jill! You make me laugh! Love humor!

    Only another mom would truly "get" the spoon thing. I've been there and done that. Those melted ones are great to use as little gravy dippers as long as the gravy's not too hot.

    Oh, and guess what? My splash back over my sink is the same color as yours! I do love my kitchen--I have borders with apples, a bakers rack with more apples, and wall stuff with--you guessed it--more apples. Favorite thing: a Currier & Ives painting made out of molded plastic that I got at a flea market for $1!

    And ranch dressing totally rocks!

  14. I wasn't aware that chocolate syrup WAS a condiment. Now I know. :)

    I love my kitchen because I have an island. I lived in apartments with too-little counter space for years. So when we went house shopping, an island was a must for me. If only the island wasn't covered in these tiles and grout...but eventually I'll replace with granite (hopefully!).

  15. I enjoyed your webisode, Jill. You're such fun.

    What you would find in my kitchen are alphabetized spices on a Lazy Susan and canned goods in the pantry lined up by item in military precision, all right side up with labels facing the front. Lest you think that means my kitchen is sparkly clean, I'll point out the white tiled countertops with gray grout in desperate need of a date with Clorox and dust bunnies the size of South America under the stove. I am sooo not a kitchen person, and if I came into a fortune would hire a cook straight away.

  16. Kristi: No, you are! *wink*

    Elizabeth: I know! My dishwasher is so hot, the plastic doesn't have to fall out. It melts right in the silverware thingy. Ridiculous!

    Jaime: Ketchup is divine. Your baby is so smart!

    Jennifer: If I found French canisters I would totally buy them. My maiden name is French, and I figure I'm a native from Paris because of it. :) Oh, and I love different mustards! yum!

    Melissa: We could get tips from each other's fridges because I am too! I love BBQ. I really love honey BBQ. It's good stuff!

    Loree: I can picture your copper molds--what a great place to display them! And the yogurt dressing sounds good. And healthy! I'll look in our market!

    Cynthia: Your kitchen sounds so homey and delightful! And, score, on the Currier and Ives. I love finding rare treasures like that!

    Lindsay: Chocolate syrup might NOT be a condiment, but in my house it's a staple! Ha! I'm with you on the island. The more counters the better!

    Keli: Ha! It's good to have order. I have it occasionally. ;) The dust bunnies are always lurking. I could really use a fulltime dispenser for Clorox with bleach. Who can live without this stuff??

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. So funny! Chocolate syrup is definitely a condiment. So is Nutella. In fact, it may be the greatest condiment in the world. Anyway, loved your vlog. I don't know if I could ever get comfortable enough with doing that.

    As for what I love about my kitchen: the granite countertops. We put them in a few years ago, and they're fantastic!

  18. I like your vlogs, Jill. I'm still happy that, in a way, you've given me permission to eat more chocolate, all for the sake of getting a WIP completed :-)

    I love my kitchen. It has plenty of space for me to manuever around in. Fancy gadgets from Williams-Sonoma would do it more justice than the humble appliances I have on the shelves, but food still manages to be churned out from it.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Haha! I had no idea you could put those spoons in the dishwasher. Well, apparently you can't. :)

    Another fun vlog, Jill! Happy weekend to you!

  20. That was cute. I have to say that I hate ranch dressing with a passion, as well as chocolate syrup, so my kids are sadly deprived of both. They have to make do with mustard and sour cream. ;) I have piles and piles of empty wine bottles lining the tops of our cabinets because my husband thinks we're going to have a vineyard someday.

  21. I LOVE my kitchen--even before I redid the counters.
    I have a plate that my hubby drew a house on when he was 6 years old hanging up in my kitchen. It's always a conversation piece.

  22. I spend a little time in my kitchen as I can get away with, but if I had to say one thing I love, it's my pantry. Lots of space and shelves and space and more space.

    Loved your Vlog!

  23. ROFL!!!! I have fruit on my counter too, but I never seem to eat either. I prefer homemade cookies.

    My mother in law is sweet too, but I don't think she's into hot pads like yours.

  24. :) Jill, you need to vlog more than once a month! Hilarious!! I must confess to the bananas and chocolate syrup...yum! Something ridiculous in my kitchen: a handful of broken magnets, still attached to my fridge. Why can't I just throw them away already? I don't know! I'll get to it tomorrow. :)

  25. I love your sense of humor, Jill. LOL

    My favorite item in the kitchen is coffee. Without it, I couldn't function well enough to find the other stuff in there. ;)

  26. I loved this!! So cute. So funny.
    I have to say though, you're kitchen looked really clean!!

    I look forward to more!

  27. I HATE my kitchen! Because-

    It's smaller than most fast food food stations.

    No Dishwasher!

    Two people can't use it at the same time without inadvertently playing a round of "Human Bumper Cars."

    Wall outlets incontinent to get at for large appliances.

    There's more, but those are the biggies, and after my last "editorial on today's post, I don't want to get carried away. LOL!

    As thankful as I am to have a warm home and all that, it doesn't mean I should feel shame for wanting something more functional.

    As much as I'd love to decorate and style my own home one day, kitchens need function first, than flair.

    As the only "serious cook" in my family, that's important to me.

    Ciao for now,


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