Friday, December 16, 2011

One Minute Vacation Time!

On a mid-December Friday, I think we all need a one minute vacation! I plan on taking several today. My mini-vacays rarely surprise me, but they always refresh me, and I'm inviting you to tag along. :)

First stop...beach.

Oh my. Look at that. White sand. Blue skies. Clear water. And the best part? It's empty!

Next up...snacks. Yes, please!

Fuzzy little animals always bring my blood pressure down, so here's a cutie for you.

And another...

And we need a little downtime in a different exotic locale, so we're heading to Paris.

Feeling more relaxed? Inspired? I am!

Where do you turn to when you need a one minute vacation?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. AAHHHH!! I feel better! Thanks for the journey. Have a great weekend.

  2. Ahh nice. That mini vacation just did me wonders! And what a cute kitty picture! I'll take the foreign cafe, the beach, and the desserts!

  3. I'll take a slice of cake with my coffee at one of the tables in that little Parisian cafe' while I watch the people strolling by, please. Thank you!

  4. Yeah, I have a picture on my desktop that when I need a one-minute vacation, I stare at this picture.

    It's not this beautiful, breath-taking picture, but it's one I took in Curacao, and there's a guy in a row boat watching the sunset. He's standing up in his boat and gesturing in some way that makes me wonder, "what is he thinking?" So I stare at it and ponder.

  5. Leigh: I'm with you...Ahhhh.... :)

    Laura: I'll take it all--maybe two of each? Not greedy at all... :)

    Ayda: And I will join you. People watching is a favorite pasttime of mine.:)

    Jennifer: So did I!

    Heather: I love those vacation pics we take ourselves. My husband took a set of amazing pictures one year while we camped on Lake Michigan. He captured a group of kayakers on the lake at sunset. They're beautiful.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. An empty beach. That's a little slice of heaven.

  7. Bed. Oh, I realize that could be taken several ways, so I'll change my answer to the couch.

    Oh, nevermind.

    I take a nap.

    ~ Wendy

  8. What a fun vacation! An empty beach and then a Paris cafe = perfect:)

  9. Love the kitty. When one of our cats deigns to curl up beside me I feel as though I've had a mini vacation. =)

  10. I feel MUCH better, thank you! Now, will you really take me to that first picture?

  11. Yay! I love One Minute Vacations! I've been venturing to the beach or the lakeside (a warm lakeside) every night before bed this week. My own way of winding down and lowering the stress level. You have to do more of these! :)

  12. Usually a river-side cabin deep in the wilderness of Montana will do it for me :)

  13. Watching the sunset on Little Round Top in Gettysburg, PA. with General Warren and Colonel Vincent nearby.

  14. Wonderful. I love the animals. They always make me feel much better. I like to turn to pretty much what you have on those pictures. You got it exactly right.

  15. CJ: I couldn't agree more!

    Wendy: Ha!! I know exactly what you mean!

    Stacy: Let's make it happen, right? :)

    Keli: Oh, so true. Kitties are mini-vacations!

    Katie: Yes! Let's go...

    Cindy: I would love to escape to a warm beach with you!

    Jaime: Mmm, sounds perfect!

    Loree: Gettysburg is on my list of places I must see!

    Nancy: Don't they? I melt when I see bunnies!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Thanks Jill! Just staring at that beautiful beach for ten seconds made my blood pressure drop. I see it's in Samoa, a 3 hour flight from here, so maybe one day I'll make it there!

    It's funny how the more pressure we put on ourselves, the more tight-lipped the muse becomes. A little relaxation works wonders.

  17. I SO needed this today! Thanks for the mini vaca. Now it's back to reality. :-)

  18. Thanks, Jill! I may turn that into five or 10 vacation-ettes...

  19. I like the beach picture. We found a picture of Samoa online and I had it for my wallpaper background one winter. In 2008, Hubby and I went to Florida and just spent all day sitting on the beach. I have pictures of that trip. I could scan a few of them into my computer and have them as my one minute vacations.

  20. Charlotte: That's the best way to take a one-minute vacation--by making it possible to turn it into a REAL vacation. 3 hours! Hope you make it there soon!

    Lynda: I needed it too! THanks!

    August: I may too--good idea!

    Quiet Spirit: Oh, you should! Memories should be treasured, right? :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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