Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Easy Questions with Tiffany A. White!

Every Wednesday, I ask a writer the same five easy questions. In an effort to support and promote fellow wordsmiths, I feature authors who write a variety of genres, from sweet inspirational to mainstream thrillers. The writers themselves may be aspiring, published, or  best-selling--all have made an impact on my life.

Thank you for joining me in welcoming…Tiffany A. White!!

Tiffany and I met through the #MyWANA hashtag on Twitter! I was immediately drawn to her funny tweets and her delicious blog--don't miss her Tele-Tuesdays for help with your DVR list. If you haven't connected with her on Twitter, remedy that. Right now. You can't go wrong with such a smart, fun, generous writer!

Let's get to it...

1.  Beverage of choice?

This definitely depends on my mood; mostly I crave Unsweetened Iced Tea, but occasionally require a chilled bottle of Woodchuck Amber or a nice glass of St. Louis Martini Cabernet to wrap up the day.

2. Any pets?

We have two cats, a dog, and a 135 gallon salt water aquarium. I’ve had Shady-cat since college; he’s a bit protective and tends to only like me. My best girl friends call him a dog/cat because of his size; he could probably eat many small lap dogs. Lucky (cat) and Shadow (dog) are both rescue animals. I found Lucky in the parking lot at work, and I credit him for my current relationship: my guy caught me trying to sneak him into the building, and he reluctantly agreed to “babysit” for the weekend. Here we are almost nine years later…Shadow is our geriatric dog. She’s currently taking thyroid medication, bladder control pills, and bronchial dilators. She has no idea that she’s not healthy and young anymore. My dad once said that if all dogs were like Shadow, every household would have two.

3. Dream vacation?

Definitely Italy. Having attended Catholic school for seven years, and being honored to sing for Pope John Paul II when he visited St. Antonio in the ‘80s, I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Rome and experiencing Vatican City first hand.

4. What are you listening to right now?

ESPN from the other room. I have to make sure that I hear any and all up to the minute updates to stay on top of my fantasy football team. I’m addicted, and a bit competitive. I must win!

5. What’s for dinner?

Baked Tilapia with baked pineapple and steamed veggies. Honestly, I could eat an entire plate of the baked pineapple, but I throw the fish and veggies in for good measure.

Tiffany, your beverage choices sound yummy. I'm adding St. Louis Martini Cabernet to my list. Mmm! I had a cat similar to Shady-Cat. She loved me, but she wasn't all that enthused about anyone else, and how sweet that Lucky played matchmaker--cats are blessings in so many ways. I'm sorry about your poor Shadow, though. It's really hard watching our pets grow old and frail.

Someday, when you take your dream trip, you might have to sing to the Pope again. Maybe he'll request you? :) And speaking of fantasy football, I'm not a participant, but I watch a lot of NFL. How are your players working out for you? My husband's running back got injured last Sunday. Sad times at our house! Thanks so much for being my guest today!


After working a decade in corporate America as an executive assistant, Tiffany is now writing her first fiction manuscript inspired by growing up in West Texas. Her story is centered on the world of high school football with a twist - murder.  She’s a member of several writing groups including the Warrior Writer Boot Camp, Row80, HP’s Writing Group, She Writes, and the Young Adult Sisterhood. Tiffany recently started freelance blogging and managing social media for a digital conversion company out of Tennessee.

Like most writers, Tiffany’s hooked on caffeine. When she’s not typing away, you can also find her attached to the television remote. She has a bit of a competitive side, whether it be bowling (high game is 289, of course that was a long time ago), or playing fantasy sports. She’s an avid sports fan who bleeds red and black for Texas Tech University.  Despite not owning cowboy boots, or a cowboy hat, she takes pride in being a Texan.

To learn more about Tiffany, head to her blog, Tiffany A. White's Ooo Factor, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ever had an encounter with someone famous?

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. So much fun! My husband is in 3 fantasy leagues and a NFL/SEC nut. Loved getting to know you better today, Tiffany!

    Your ms sounds like one I'd pick up for sure, even if I'm not a big sports nut, I love watching movies or reading books that involve them. And murder. I'm all about that. lol :)

  2. No, no one famous like that! And my husband does fantasy football and I tell him to stick with the same receivers but he switches and then the other person catches all these throws. What do you think Tiffany? :)

  3. Jill, I'm so glad you interviewed Tiffany! She's one of my favorite tweeps and blogger buddies. Tiffany, I'm an unsweetened iced tea fan, too! You're fantasy football sounds like fun. :)

  4. Good morning!

    Jessica: Three?? Yikes! Saturdays and Sundays at your house must be very similar to mine! Do you get into football? I never used to, but I love it! We keep it on college games all day Saturday and NFL all day Sunday!

    Laura: Fantasy Football players should listen to you, oh wise one. Why the switcheroo all the time? Hello? It's like stocks--you have to go in for the long run!

    Kathy: I know, isn't Tiffany the best?? We drink a lot of sun tea in the summer, and then I switch to hot tea for fall and winter. Yum!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Best wishes with your manuscript Tiffany, it sounds like an interesting premise!

  6. Fun questions! The WIP sounds interesting!

  7. Love how the glass is almost empty in your pic.

    Woodchuck...that's cider, right? I drank that in col...we'll say my 20's.

    And yum w/ the fish and pineapple. Way to give me dinner ideas.

    I met my favorite soap opera star in a gas station on the way home from vacation.
    ~ Wendy

  8. First, THANK YOU so much for having me Jill. What an honor!!

    I definitely recommend St. Louis Martini Cabernet. Try the one from Sonoma Valley. They also have one from Napa.

    Cats, all animals really, are a blessing. I could not live without one. How can we not enjoy being around something that loves us unconditionally?

    My fantasy team is off to a GREAT start this year, thanks for asking. Our league is called Couples Therapy. You guessed it, it's all significant others. So far, Tbrat's Tyranny (that's me!) is high point man! As a couple, we're also in first two points! Not bad for drafting middle of the pack.

    Jill, did your husband have Jamal Charles? So did my guy. There was quite a bit of yelling going on in our house.

    Jessica - Thanks for stopping by! Your husband would get along great hanging with us on Saturday and Sunday.

    Laura - I'm with you; I'd tell your husband to stick with the overall best players on his team. Everyone is going to have an "off" week, and switching people in and out drives me nuts. Thanks for stopping by!

    Kathy - <3

    Wendy - LOL. I'm not a big beer drinker, so a friend introduced me to Woodchuck a few months ago. I can drink the cider over a regular brew any day. Who's your favorite soap star? I'm a GH fan...

    Sara, Katie, and Joanne - Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great interview! Italy is wonderful you will have so much fun when you get to go!

  10. Your pets sound wonderful. :-) Thanks for the interview, ladies!

  11. Joanne: Tiffany's book does sound fantastic, doesn't it? :)

    Katie: *hugs*

    Sara: I know. I want to read it now!

    Wendy: So you would have enjoyed the cider, what, a year or two ago? :) Ha! Who did you meet? I always watched Days of Our Lives and Another World.

    Tiffany: I'm pretty sure that's the guy--Kansas City player, right? LOVE your fantasy football name! Hilarious!!

    Lizzie: Oh, now I want to go to Italy, right now!

    Jessica N.: They do, don't they? Pets are so great, except when they bark non-stop at the mail-truck (yes, Sophie, I mean you)!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. So nice to meet you, Tiffany! My husband has a fantasy football team and claims he's not addicted...I'm not so sure. :) And that dinner sounds delicious! Can I come over tonight and sneak a little? :)

  13. Sarah: Not addicted--sure, sure, right? :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. Great interview! I ditto Italy - I would love to go someday!

  15. Liz and Jennifer - I refuse to give up on a trip to Italy. I will make it!

    Liz - yes, it sounds like our two guys lost the same running back for the season. :(

    Jessica - I do love my pets. Thank you! They bring me smiles everyday!

    Sarah - come on over! If you haven't baked pineapple yet, I definitely recommend it. VERY tasty!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  16. So late to this, but loved learning more about Tiffany. She's a fantastic friend and a great blog supporter. A trip to Italy sounds fantastic. I'd love a personal tour of the Vatican - you know the vaults no one ever sees ;)


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