Monday, November 9, 2009

Mottos Update

Last week, I told you my motto: Dream Big. (Still haven't come up with a theme song...) You responded with amazing words to live by. They were so great, I had to share them!

Beth from This Mommy's Life: "Finish the drill!"
Wendy from All in a Day's Thought: "I break for nothing."
Tess from Tess Hilmo: "You are good. You can be great. I think you will be."
Erica from On the Write Path: "One bite at a time--but make it a big bite."
Em from Em-Musing: "I want it all!"
Brittany from A Penny for My Thoughts: "Prepare for the impossible because those are the dreams God brings to fruition."
Danyelle from Myth-Takes: "Keep breathing. Laugh at the mountains I'm facing and get those feet moving."
Regina from Regina Rythym: "Do what you love. Do it in excellence."

I love those mottos. Strong, inspiring, and words I can live by. Thanks for sharing them!

You also shared your goals, and I was blown away by the commitment and excitement you all poured into the comments. I've compiled the highlights from your comments. These are the goals you will complete before December 31, 2009.

- finish rewriting and editing current manuscript
- finish writing first draft
- put together Christmas card before the holiday :) (Love this one!)
- finish work in progress by end of November
- complete NaNo
- polish current manuscript and send to agent
- begin new children's book, write three poems, and take on three new clients (Go! You can do it!)
- write 85K by end of year (Woo-hoo!!)
- get through edits without dissolving into tears (I know THAT feeling!)
And my favorite:
- Enjoy each and every day!

Your excitement is contagious. If your energy flags as the holidays snowball in, don't despair and don't give up. Anytime you need a "go get 'em tiger" boost or if you want to share an awesome achievement, feel free to e-mail me at We don't have to reach our goals alone!

Join me on Wednesday when we'll discuss ways to prepare for the revision stage.


  1. "We don't have to reach our goals aone." That's an inspiring statement! I love it. Writing can be so lonely at times, can't it? I love that I've made such good friends through blogging. I know that my ups and downs are shared by many now. Thanks, Jill!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I especially am inspired by "Do what you love. Do it in excellence." To me, that says it all, and if we're doing what we love, the pieces all seem to fall into place.

  3. Good Morning!

    Heather: I told my friend Patrice about my insane plan of finishing my novel by October 31, and she immediately offered to cheer me on. It was a huge motivator to e-mail her my word count each night that week. I'd be thrilled to do it for someone else!

    Joanne: I agree. Love pushes us through the sticky parts of writing. The desire for excellence improves it. That quote really does say it all.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. You're so sweet Jill! Thanks for sharing those. I guess I missed the motto day or I didn't read the post right, but those were some great tidbits. :-)

  5. Wow, that is a lot. Thanks so much for the offer of encouragement! You're awesome!

  6. Great lists! Very encouraging and knowing others are supporting you is a big boost. :O)

  7. Those are awesome mottos and goals! And it's so much fun to have friends join in the journey, too!

  8. Jill,
    I'm afraid of my motto. :D I'm thinking it may be the very thing that is making me crazy lately. I need to break. God is telling me to break.

    I loved the picture & the words with it.

    I'm giving you a new motto: Be mindful, love lavishly and write feverishly in the small gaps.
    ~ Wendy

  9. Jessica: They are pretty great, aren't they?

    Kristen T: Anytime!

    Diane: Sometimes having someone rooting for you makes ALL the difference. :)

    Eileen: What would we do without our writer friends?? Shuddering...

    Wendy: I'm reading "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver. This week I'm such a massive Martha, it's scary! Anyways, she says we need to listen to our heart. Your heart is crying out for a break--so take it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. I love the mottos! Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Thanks for the awesome reminder that we do not have to achieve our goals alone. It makes the journey sweeter to chug along with a friend!

  12. It was great to see what people wrote all in one convenient place like that. Ambition and determination is contagious!

  13. Those mottos are awesome! Aren't writers amazing people?

    Thanks for sharing all the enthusiasm and encouragement today, I definitely needed it :D

  14. "Keep breathing and laugh at the mountains you're facing," is a great goal. And enjoying each and every day. This is such a motivational blog. It gives me such a shot of energy when I read it. :-)

  15. I am impressed that you linked to everyone! That is work!!:)) Good encouraging words --need them always!

  16. Thanks for the encouraging words today Jill! Have a marvelous Monday! :)

  17. Great mottos & goals! I love all the inspiration!

  18. Susan: I love them too!

    Tamika: It definitely makes the journey sweeter!

    Brittany: Oh, I agree. Ambition is contagious!

    Cindy: It's Monday--I needed the jolt of goodness too!

    IcyRoses: Danyelle's blog is amazing, just like her motto. Go over and check it out!

    Terri: Glad to do it!

    Maria: Thanks--Mondays are not normally marvelous. I'll try!

    CMOM: So do I!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. Thanks for sharing those mottos! they inspired me too :)

  20. Oh, I love your last goal to enjoy each and every day! I really needed to hear that today.

  21. So many great mottos! Thanks for sharing them, jill! Can't wait to read Wednesday's post!

  22. I'll go with "get through edits without dissolving into tears" and will add "...and without quitting and without gaining 30 pounds from emotional eating!!!" LOL Patrice

  23. Tabitha: I agree!

    Lisa and Laura: I'm putting that one front and center, especially with the holiday season approaching.

    Katie: Thanks!

    Erica: Oh yes!

    Patrice: You do that too? I can plow through chocolate like nobody's business when I'm in a stressful period, like revising!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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