Monday, June 29, 2009

Six Month Goal Check-Up

We've made it through almost six months of 2009. Amazing!

What have you accomplished? What do you still want to accomplish?

My list resides in the front of my dayplanner. I cross off items as I finish, and I check it every month to see if I'm on track. I have six categories of writing goals for the year.

A. Books
B. Submissions
C. Contests
D. Organizations
E. Craft
F. Promotion

My main focus is always my writing, but the other categories deserve a slice of my time each week, too. I'm very happy with the progress I've made.

Back in January, I typed these six items and then filled in what I wanted to accomplish. Each category has 5 or 6 items.

Unfortunately, I took a long, hard look at how many books I wanted to finish by December. Sniffing and feeling droopy, I eliminated one. Life changed this year and became more hectic. I had to make choices and I chose to put my best effort into the books I did complete instead of rushing through to write one more. I'm hoping that as time progresses, revisions will not take me as long, and I'll be able to add a book to my schedule, but it won't be this year.

What about you? Are you on track to meet your goals for 2009? Yes? Hurray!! No? What can you do to get on track? Do you need to change your goals to reflect your time constraints? That's okay. Some years will do that to you.

Join me on Wednesday when we'll talk about moving our bodies!


  1. Shame on me, but I didn't make any new year's goals this year. I did make summer goals though, and I'm glad to say, that yes - I'm on track!! Such a good feeling!

  2. Good morning!

    Katie: Woo-hoo! I'm always tempted to have one goal for summer: no goals! This year, however, that wasn't an option. Good for you for staying on track!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I make monthly goals and post them on my blog for accountability.

    I always struggle with the "am I changing this goal because it was unreasonable/wouldn't fit into the schedule/wasn't going to pan out" or "am I changing this goal because I got lazy and didn't push myself hard enough to complete it?"

    Sigh. Still don't know most of the time.

  4. To be honest, I didn't make many writing goals for 2009 - too much in the personal life (divorce, etc.) interfered with it. But I'm hoping to get the first draft of my next novel done this year.

  5. I tend to try to make weekly or monthly goals because those long-term ones end up changing too much. So I put them in this little journal by my calender and continue them through the week or the month until I finish them. I am glad to hear you're making progress on your goals. As far as reading...I am definitely not reading as much as I planned, but I AM reading different things than I planned and that has been wonderful. I just finished Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter and loved it!

  6. Hi Jill,
    I like how you've delineated your goals. The way you go about it reminds me of what I learned from Putting Your Dream to the Test (great book).

    If we have a vision and we care about that vision, we should be doing practical things every day to move toward that vision (that was the idea from the book).

    :D Way to go!!
    ~ Wendy

  7. I like your categories for goals, Jill. I have all mine on a never-ending to-do list and I tackle the most urgent things first. But I like your system better! Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Thanks for the update the reminder! I'm running behind on my goals. The goal I'm embarrassed to admit is that I wanted to get an agent this year. The one I'm more willing to admit is that I want to be querying a lot more this year. So far, I've only queried five agents, and I thought I'd be closer to 25 by this point. I still have half a year to put more energy into this!

  9. Erica: I know just how you feel! I wondered if I'd been lazy when I realized I couldn't possibly write two more books this year. I overestimated the amount of time revisions would take me this year. And maybe they will always take me a long time. I don't know, but I'll keep plugging away!

    Melissa: Oh, wonderful! Keep me posted on your progress. I know you can finish the first draft!

    Cindy: Weekly and monthly goals help so much. It's important to break everything down into do-able steps. Thanks for recommending another good read, too!

    Wendy: I'll have to check that book out. It sounds inspiring!

    Jody: Never-ending to-do list. Yep. I feel your pain! I categorized the goals to keep myself accountable. I study a minimum of six craft books a year and if April rolls around and I've read zero, well, I'm in trouble!

    Davin: Never be embarrassed about wanting an agent!! That's a very lofty goal! What can you do to make it happen? Could you query five a month? Let me know how it goes!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your goals. The next six months will be productive indeed!

  10. I love your categorizing.

    I'm like you, hoping and praying that revisions will take less time as I progress along this journey.

    I'm behind as usual, but working hard to get back on track.

  11. Eileen: You and I are a lot alike! We'll be okay!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. i have goals to meet before september...but after that, the sky's the limit. going through this move has really changed our life for the time being...and i struggle to carve out any writing time some days. but the lord knew what he was doing sending us here...i just rest in that. :)

  13. I'm doing OK with my goals but the last few days I let my word count slip. It's something that gnaws at me silently lol. I guess I've got summer on the brain!

  14. I am so glad you have a list. It's often difficult to stick to lists, but I do it most of the time. For the whole year though, I don't really have a list. Just get through each month, each day, each hour... and try to write as much as I can. I'm enjoying every step of the way. :D

  15. Jeannie: I've moved soooo many times; I know how challenging (and exciting) it can be. Plus, you have a little girl at home! Do what you can, right?

    T.Anne: I'm trying very hard to let go of my overblown summer expectations. I can get about half of the things done compared to when school's in session. And, yeah, it gnaws at me too!

    Lady Glamis: I forget things if I don't write them down and it's more of a keep-on-track thing for me. Plus, it feels good to look back at what I've accomplished. Written goals work! Enjoying every step of the way? You made me smile--that's what it's all about!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I love that you made a list of goals. I love checking things off my list as I accomplish them:)

    For me I have to stick with short term goals, like daily or weekly. When my kids get older I hope to be able to stretch those goals out.

    You are an inspriation to me that I might someday be so organized:)

  17. Kara: I'm laughing that you think I'm organized! The breakdown of goals simply shows me where I've been and where I need to go. Enjoy your children!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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