Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Awards!

Blog awards? For little ol' me? Why, thank you!

Danyelle over at Myth-Takes AND Sherrinda over at A Writer Wannabe awarded the One Lovely Blog award to me. Thank you so very much!


I've been the missing link with every chain letter ever sent. The reason you never received ten sets of dishcloths? Me. The reason you never got the ten greeting cards, ten dollars, ten buttons, ten addresses to send ceramic cats to? Me again.
And the lil' green patches on FB? They die under my care. I'm horrifyingly bad at this stuff people!!

I know you're supposed to send the blog award to ten deserving bloggers. You're ALL deserving bloggers! I read all of your posts as often as possible. I just love you guys.

Since I'm feeling guilty over all the stickers, packets of gum, and good-luck charms I never sent, I'm going to overcome my fear of sending ten people something. That's right. I'm going to pass the One Lovely Blog award on.
I'm awarding the One Lovely Blog award to the following ten bloggers (my apologies if you've already received one this week. In that case, accept a second from me because you deserve it!).
And to all of you who I follow who I didn't include--you deserve one too!

1. On the Path. Jody's generosity, intelligence, and warmth shine through her blog. If it weren't for Jody, I never would have found you all!

2. All in a Day's Thought. Wendy makes me laugh, smile, and tear up on occasion.

3. A Christian Romance Writer's Journey. Eileen conveys her Christian spirit through her inspiring posts.

4. Terri Tiffany Inspirational Writer. Terri keeps it real, but also keeps it inspiring.

5. The Jaime Reports. Jaime's fun, funny, and full of energy.

6. Cindy Wilson. I love reading about Cindy's eclectic writing journey!

7. Grosvenor Square. Melissa's fantastic attitude is always a joy to read.

8. The Innocent Flower. Lady Glamis posts great advice and gorgeous pictures.

9. Cassandra Brown Writes. Cassandra's fresh blog is always packed with cool info.

10. Me, My Muse, and I. Jennifer's quirky take on life is a breath of fresh air.
And Bonus!
11. Brain Throw Up. Katie makes me see the Bible in a different light. Plus she's super funny!

Okay, I can think of ten other blogs equally deserving!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks, Jill! What a nice way to start my day!
    I like your blog, too! :)

  2. Well thank ya Jill!! I'm just downright honored. :)

  3. Thank you! I'm the missing link as well --laziness or can't choose from so many people--I don't know but I always appreciate it!

  4. Congratulations, Jill! What a lovely honor. :)

    And great choices on your part too.


  5. Congrats on the blog award. And I kill the Lil Green Patch too.

  6. Jill - I'm touched!

    Your blog catches my eye every time! I am just plain thankful for you!

    ~ Wendy

  7. Thank you Jill! You are just too sweet!! It's so hard to narrow down blogs to award, isn't it? There are so many great ones!

  8. Thank you so much, Jill! Your confession made me feel better. I try to keep up but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. I really enjoy your blog as well, it's wonderful!

  9. Thank you, Jill! I feel honoured! (yes, that's the Canadian spelling, unless I'm writing for publication I use my language and spelling unedited for mass market)

  10. You are all very welcome, but really, I have to thank you. Your blogs are terrific!

  11. Jill: Congratulations! Very great way to start the day!


  12. Good for you passing this on! I usually am the black hole, too, but I try to pass these on sometimes.

    You are awesome to send this to me. THANK YOU!

  13. Awww, Jill! I am a bad link too in most chain mail. I must have tons of back luck heaped on me because I don't forward email like it says to! Originally, I planned to just give the award to my whole blog roll...but after an hour...well, I gave up. :) I feel like anyone who I follow deserves an award...I love reading blogs, don't you?

  14. *grin*

    We could be sisters of the missing chain letter links. I'm just as bad! :D

  15. Let's all stop feeling guilty for the breaking the chain! I followed through with this one, but I doubt I'll ever follow through again!

    Thanks for coming by and making me feel better about my lack of chain-anything skills!

  16. awww ... thanks Jill!! I haven't been too funny this week :) but today's post is bringing back my normal self ... um ... well ... the picture my contest that! :) lol

  17. Thank you so very much! I'm going to have a hard time narrowing down my fav's to 10, too! There are so many awesome blogs that I read (that includes yours!) (Are we allowed to give the award back? Because I totally want to.)

    Anyway, thanks! i've never had a blog award before!


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