Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad Writing Week

Having a bad writing week. The more I procrastinate the more I dread adding to my current book. How do I know it's bad? Well...I just filled in a scratch in my cupboard with a wood wax crayon thingy. I've had that crayon for 7 months and hadn't felt the urge to use it until this morning. You do the math.

I know, I know. So what? One little scratch...not so fast. Our good coffee maker broke a few days ago; this morning, I took apart the entire thing and cleaned it--thoroughly. Every dirty dish in the house was scrubbed this morning. Every counter wiped down. Lint was picked up off of the stairs. Here's the worst: I was actually considering cleaning out the cat litter. Or stripping every bed and washing all of the sheets.

Window washing entered my mind. I stopped to get an oil change this morning, but drove away when they quoted me an outrageous price. Even toyed with returning a few items to Walmart. I'm on my second ginormous cup of coffee--usually a writing help. Not today. Can I just go take a seven hour nap? No? Fine.

I will write. But it won't be pretty.

So there.

Enjoy your week!

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